De-Comcasting: Now Internet and “Digital Starter”

I started this process at a Comcast bill $165.39 a month for a family of 5 with upgraded internet (12 Megabits/second) for $50 a month.  The rest of the bill roughly $115 a month was for ‘Digital Preferred’ Service with two HD TV’s and an HD TIVO.  Today I called Comcast and downgraded to ‘digital basic’.  I’m returning a cable modem and an HDTV receiver.  As of today,  the new bill will be $115 a month.  The final bill, I’m hoping will be about $48, when TV is fully removed.  That represents $1,408 a year.  Buys a lotta lattes. 🙂

My newly complicated TV viewing

I have split our world into shows that are on Hulu and shows that are on Tivo and shows that we might need to purchase on Amazon (though the ROKU).  So far we have 10 shows remaining on Tivo, 7 shows we now watch on hulu, and 5 shows we will either have to purchase on amazon or give up.  Only one show ‘Studio 42 with Bob Costas’ is not on Amazon.


Where we before the current change:

  • Initial Comcast Bill:   $1,948.68 per year
  • Total Yearly Netflix:      $130.92 per year

Total: $2,072.60 for internet, cable TV, and netflix

Where we are today:

  • Current Comcast Bill:   $1,380.00 per year
  • Yearly Netflix:                   $130.92
  • Yearly Hulu:                        $95.88
  • Yearly MLB.TV                  $119.99

Total: $1,726.29 for internet, cable, netflix, and roku programming

Upside: more HD programming for less money, downside: which damned box is my show on?

Goal is still removing all cable tv, and what if I went to 1.5 mbs verses my current 12 mbs intenet?  it would save $252 a year, would it matter?

Stay Tuned (just not on cable)

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