Almond Flour Pie Crust

Almond Flour Pie Crust
unbaked almond flour pie crust
unbaked almond flour pie crust


Back on the gluten-free wagon just in time for Shavuot. We got home from Josh’s endoscopy (yes, looks like Celiac Sprue, we’ll know more in 7-10 days) and are hastily whipping up some GF challah, GF blintzes and GF cheesecake.

Here is the almond flour pie crust. I made it with butter, but for a parve crust I would use oil and add a little salt. I’ll try to update this post after we see how dinner turned out.


  • 1 ½ C almond flour
  • ¼ C butter, melted (regular, with salt)
  • ½ tsp vanilla
  • 1 T sugar or dextrose


Mix all ingredients together and press into pie pan. Fill and bake as directed in the filling recipe, which I intend to post later.

Do not prebake this crust, as it just gets overcooked. Also do not use this crust for pumpkin pie, which needs a grain dough. But as far as I can tell it’s good for any other kind of pie.

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