Bill's Baseball Post Season Fan Etiquette

Bill's Baseball Post Season Fan Etiquette

When attending a post season baseball game here are some do’s and don’ts


Cheer for your team — Yes, even if you’re that grumpy season ticket holder in the expensive seats, try clapping, or even yelling.   You can stand up when there is a hit and yell, high fives are appreciated.

Anticipate Plays — Encourage your team to perform, when pitching or batting, and then applaud when they do well.   Extra Credit:   Stand up and cheer every time your pitcher gets to two strikes….

Watch EVERY pitch — Yes, EVERY pitch, it’s the postseason and every pitch actually counts!

Act like you’ve been to a baseball game before — Don’t ask questions out loud like what are those men doing on that field.   Bad Form.   Also, try to know the home team players at least a little bit before you show up, do some internet research on the names and positions of the starting home team.   Don’t mind if you ask what a Balk or an inflield Fly Rule is, just don’t ask how many balls and strikes a batter gets.

When your not discussing Baseball, think about what your saying — I don’t care about your local real estate deals, or the quality of cruise lines in Tahiti, or what’s the best Steak House in detail in San Francisco, I care about the damned game that’s being played in front of us….

Have hope — Leaving the game down 1 run in the nineth so you can be the first out of the parking lot is an attractive Los Angeles trait, you don’t need to import it to the Bay Area.   Root for your team all the way through.


Don’t get up to pee when our MVP candidate is up to bat — Please realize that when you sit between two aisles, you have to climb over people, wait until it’s between innings.   Corallary: Don’t get pissed off at the usher for not returning to your seat until the batter has finished his at bat.

Don’t complain about fans standing and cheering at APPROPRIATE times – like our pitcher having 2 strikes on their batter.   Comment I got from behind me at last nights NLCS Game when I stood in inning 1 with 2 outs and 2 strikes “Ya think he’s gonna stand the whole damned game?”.

Don’t say our manager is a moron more than once a game — Your   team is in the postseason, he’s clearly one of the best 8 managers in baseball or he wouldn’t be here.

If talk radio has discussed a situation ad nauseum, the 8th inning of a tight game is not a good time to raise the issue –  I think the Giants should have Melky Cabrera in the postseason is not a great conversation starter at this time….

Be cautious in demonstrating your superior knowledge of the game –  You can’t argue the the team should play the rookies no matter what one week, then complain that they are playing the rookies and they are not very good!   Try and form consistent arguments and opinions.

Other than that enjoy the game!

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