Chakra (click for larger picture)

Sadly, cousin-in-law Aimee’s dear companion Chakra is having heart problems. We want to send him and Aimee and the whole family all our love and support.

From Aimee:

Chakra came into my life in November 1998 when I was 31.   He has been my steady and loving companion ever since.   When Chakra first came into my life, we lived in NYC, where he immediately started going to work with me every day. We moved to northern CA in April 2001.   He has seen me through heartbreaks and joys – having been my unyielding support through my marriage and divorce with my x-husband, my father’s death, job transitions, my most recent joyful marriage to Nick and our move back up to the mountains.   Chakra is extraordinarily emotionally intuitive and always seems to know exactly what I need and when.   He is joyful, intelligent, loves scavenging food and is a trusted friend and cushion to his 3 kitties and his “sister” Bella (who is a 7.5 year old Cocker Spaniel).   Chakra is the kind of dog who even the aggressive dogs can’t seem to find fault with – all animals seem to love and trust his kind spirit.

I am so grateful for each additional moment I have him by my side.

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