Down to 3

IMG_0436Sad news for some of us – we lost another chicken today, one of the white ones. Even sadder, we don’t remember her name. Still living are Lady Macbeth, King Henry V and Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn. If anyone remembers the name of the other white one, let us know, so at least we can say goodbye to her by name.

I think King Henry V is wandering around confusedly wondering where her sister is, but she might just be behaving normally.

The photo is either her or King Henry V, the day we discovered we had a hole in our screen door.

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3 thoughts on “Down to 3”

    1. Sorry, chickens who die a natural death don’t make it into the soup pot. And the ones who are still laying aren’t going into the soup pot yet either. But you can keep hoping!

  1. Thanks to E and R for the name corrections. Ophelia is the white one who just died. The white one still living is King Henry VIII, not V.

    I do still remember the names of my children.

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