Genoese Sponge

Genoese Cake, layered with strawberries and whipped sheep cream

Gluten free cake made by Henry, Wondernut Farm, May 2023

Equal amounts, by weight, of eggs, sugar, and gluten free almond flour. Beat eggs and sugar for about 10 minutes in stand mixer until it can form a thick stream – double or triple in volume.
Fold in the almond flour very, very delicately, keeping as much of the air in as possible.
He poured this into a cookie sheet with sides (greased, I assume) and baked it at 350°F until a knife came out clean. It made a layer about 1-2″ high.
He let it cool, then sliced off the edges, cut the cake in half, and layered it with halved strawberries and whipped sheep cream, as shown here.



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