Pesadich Brownies (AKA Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake)

Only four ingredients – this definitely qualifies as food! Here is the original recipe from Rabbi David Booth, followed by my notes from making many, many batches of these.

4 eggs
1 cup sugar
7 oz semi-sweet chocolate / chocolate chips
1 stick butter or margarine. 

In a saucepan (don’t use microwave – it’s a disaster) melt butter and then mix in chocolate at very low heat.  Whip eggs and add sugar.  Cool chocolate and butter slightly, and then mix in with eggs.  Place in pie / cake tin (9″) and bake for one hour at 350. Be sure to butter the pan well or line with wax paper – it can be very sticky.

Hope it comes out yummy.


My notes:

  • It’s fine to use the microwave if you know the trick of melting chocolate in the microwave–do it 20-30 seconds at a time, stirring well after each time.
  • I have had the best luck if I grease the pan lightly, then line the bottom (not the sides) with a piece of waxed paper cut just the right size, then grease that paper. When the cake is done, scrape the edges, turn the cake out upside down on a plate, peel off the paper, and invert it again onto a rack to cool.
  • Don’t overcook. It gets hard and gets a burned taste.
  • Don’t use a beater. You don’t want too much air in this batter. Just whip the eggs by hand, and stir everything else.
  • If you don’t eat all the brownies within a few days, or if they’re a little over-cooked, cut them up and freeze them. You can eat them straight from the freezer, and they taste fresh.
  • You can call this a cake or a batch of brownies. It’s all in how you cut and serve this rich, yummy creation.
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