Cheese Making and Kashrut

For those of use who have a love of cheese making and a concern for Kashrut (keeping kosher), cheese making presents some unique challenges.  Rennet which is used to separate milk solids, lipase which adds flavoring to (mostly) Italian hard cheeses, and basic cultures which gives cheese its unique flavor all have a variety of Kashrut issues.

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How to make Chevre (soft goat cheese)

Chevre is an easy, easy, easy cheese to make and it’s really delicious and rewarding.  It’s low tech, not a lot of equipment, and it’s really hard to screw it up.


Basic Cheese Making Supplies

So you want to make cheese, what are some basic equipment and how do you start?  In a separate post, I’ll describe how to make chevre, but let’s start with the basic supplies.  First, as a cheesemaker for a few years, I’d recommend a few easy things to buy:

  1. Buy Ricki Carroll’s book: Home Cheese Making.
  2. Buy a few muslin cheese cloths (about 24 inches square or larger)
  3. Ricki has a website, New England Cheesemaking where you can find a few basic   Continue reading “Basic Cheese Making Supplies”