Thanksgiving 2011 gluten free menu

  • turkey (pastured, kosher, from Grow and Behold, basted and roasted)
  • gravy made from pan drippings, thickened with cornstarch
  • cranberry sauce
  • cranberry jelly
  • wild rice and mushroom stuffing
  • roasted Brussels sprouts
  • roasted green beans (see the Brussels sprouts recipe, above)
  • yams with marshmallow creme topping
  • cornbread (parve,  gluten free)
  • apple pie (parve, gluten free)

Beyond Kosher: Eating Chickens

We attended Hazon‘s (New Jewish Food Movement) food conference at Walker Ranch in Petaluma, CA last week and I’ve been greatly affected by the discussion of “beyond kosher,” is it “fit to eat?”   Rabbi Marc Soloway started the session by exclaiming that the rabbinic tradition had never imagined what our agricultural food production of the last 50 years would look like.   Continue reading “Beyond Kosher: Eating Chickens”

Cheese Making and Kashrut

For those of use who have a love of cheese making and a concern for Kashrut (keeping kosher), cheese making presents some unique challenges.  Rennet which is used to separate milk solids, lipase which adds flavoring to (mostly) Italian hard cheeses, and basic cultures which gives cheese its unique flavor all have a variety of Kashrut issues.

Continue reading “Cheese Making and Kashrut”